Week 19: Power House

Hannel I love when Hannel says, "What are our schools, our universities, but mental powerhouses, places where mental power is being developed? "(Line 20, Week 19).  It is so true.  I never thought of the place I had given 6 years of my life as a mental power house but it seems it is.  Like... Continue Reading →

Week 18: Art Around the Corner

        So the master keys week 18 is giving me some insight on a  certain law. That law is called the law of increase or decrease by association. Which basically means that who you spend time with will either elevate you or deactivate the potential within you. That Boy Hannel Hannel says,... Continue Reading →

Week 17 part 2 Can We Talk

This week I remember was a week I was hit directly in the heart and I tell you why.  When we read I will live my days as if it was my last and the introduction of the obituaries completely messed me up.  Here's why: I have always had an appreciation for life because I... Continue Reading →

Week 17 HJ Part 1: Can We Talk?

These are my confessions It's still courage week for me.  I decided to replay courage only because it felt so amazing and I am discovering so many new things about myself.  So while we are on the subject of courage, I need to confess something to you fam. Yes, cue the Usher track...(for my European,... Continue Reading →

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