MKE Week 7: Is The Heifer Dead Yet? I Need To Know.


Happy birthday and Sesame Street

Good morning MKE fam. Shout out to all my Marines!  Happy birthday to you!  You guys and dolls are awesome I hope today is the best.  For the rest of us, happy Sesame Street day. I don’t know about you but growing up,  Big Bird was my guy.  I loved Zoe too but I thought she was fabulous.

For those of you who don’t know. November is a month we fellow Americans in the USA dedicated to our veterans.  I am actually curious to find out from my African, European, Australian, Mexican, Canadian, Antarctic, Asia Minor and tropical/island nations do you all do the same thing for your veterans?  Let me know in the comments.

Movember and My DMP

This month is also Movember a movement dedicated to raising awareness on men’s health issues such as testicular/pancreatic cancer, men’s mental health,  and suicide prevention. There are a few ways to get involved and help.  One of the main ways is to grow a mustache(hence the name Mo-vember…ya get it?)   I refuse to grow a mustache so I am “Moving for Movember” and taking the 60-mile challenge during the month of November.  You can run, walk, swim or just …move.  So far…I am at 2 miles.  Just 58 more to go.  Am I am intimidated? Nope.  Here is why.  The 60 is significant because in the United States alone  60 men per hour are gone due to suicide. Well like Iyana fix my life says:


For more info, you can go to  I am actually on my way to compete in a Cross Fit Food Drive Event dedicated to our veterans.  Members and non-members alike can compete but the entrance fee is 3 non perishable food items. The Hero WOD(Workout of The Day)  is a team workout.  My uncle Rob served in the US Navy so I’ll be wearing blue camo in his honor. I’ll let you all know how I did.  This is the workout I am doing and surprisingly I am not scared at all.


Now I have to be honest with you.  16 year old me would have probably either laughed at you or ran away if you told her she would eventually become an athlete, enjoy CrossFit and all things fitness.  I had been out for a week which surprisingly, I bounced back faster than I thought.  I was so sore this week but I recovered. One of my PPNs on my Definite Major Purpose(DMP) is True Health. When I was younger the Lord told me my mission on this planted and alot of it is attached to True Health.  I associate red with that ideal.  What is crazy is it is manifesting in a large way in my life. Daily!  I have only been doing XFit for almost 3 weeks and my body is adapting quickly. Part of my DMP was to be a motivational speaker that empowered others about their health.  Well that my friends is manifesting too.  It’s crazy how it is only 7 weeks and things are popping.  Each month I become more confident and physically, I am transforming.  Today starts my 139 nutritional challenge of NO BREAD/LOW SUGAR challenge.

For 139 days I’ll eat no bread, fried foods, high sugary foods, and fruits.  Sugar causes giphy (1).gifinflammation and speeds up the aging process by crystalizing your collagen(what helps you look youthful).  You are welcome to do it with me and let me know how you are doing.  The cut-off date is the day before my birthday, March 28, 2019. Here is what is crazy about my life as a fitness professional.  In college and in high school I was little-miss-art.  Yes to this day I still make jewelry.  I drew all the time, I sang, I did musical theater. Out of nowhere (my mom recalls it) I just dove deep into fitness.  I became a fitness instructor and personal trainer.  I began preventative health wellness coaching and fitness class design. This all came out of thin air right? Right? Wrong.

I found out later in my life that my dad was an amazing man and athlete in his own right(The last time I saw my father was at 1 year old).  He could do a verticle leap– with no prep just leap— on a 10 ft stage.  I received the inheritance of romance with fitness & wellness from him and my grandmother.  His nickname was Freight Train because he was solid muscle. Now I am not lean like my dad, but I am strong like my dad. This month he passed away and now that I know the truth about what happened, I made a quality decision in my heart that I will no longer grieve for him.  I spent my ENTIRE  life grieving for the presence of my father(He died Nov 4) and now I choose to give life and live life in his honor.  I will enjoy my life until my race is finished. Do you know how much trouble I’d be with my dad if I came too early with my course unfinished? Let’s just say it be a problem. Can I be honest with you all?  It still hurts.  They say the pain never really dies but it’s not a burden on my heart anymore. I cried for the first time over him on the 4th.  I mean really cried. I mean eyes look like maraschino cherries-head throbbing-nose looking like the Swanny River crying. I could not sleep. However, after it was over, I made that quality decision and now here I am.

Is the Heifer dead yet?  I need to know.

Now for those of you new to my blog, I am from Houston, Texas, USA.  That would make hungry schitts creek GIF by CBCme a Southerner.  In my region, we use a word called heifer which literally is a non-fertile cow. When we call somebody a heifer it is about two steps below the b-word.  Well, honey child I refer to my old blueprint lovingly as “the Heifer”.  Week 7 felt like Ms. Thing was trying to resurrect from the dead.  It was so challenging.  I had to restart the mental diet every day and every hour. Who would have thought being an opinionated woman would work against you? Seriously, I felt like I was mentally slapping my wrist, especially when I am driving….Girl! Then I was still tired physically because of my demanding day but I will say progress is made.  I am a lot faster catching negative thoughts. I have to be honest when I tell you I don’t love myself sometimes but through the process and the exercises we are doing, I am learning to.  I trust the process and I tell you why through this clip:

You are welcome to watch the whole clip but what is powerful is the first 54 seconds.  In this movie, Maid in Manhattan, our heroine catches the heart of a rico suave guy running for office in her state.  He doesn’t know she is a maid and he invites her to a gala and decides not to go.  Her friends intervene and a snap-out-of-it moment with her. Her friends in the clip tell her something powerful.

“It’s not what YOU GOT its who YOU KNOW and what they got. You got it?”

This is called the law INCREASE or DECREASE by association. Meaning who you spend time with(business, family, friendships) will increase OR decrease your status, your wealth, skills, motivations etc. ***I’ll wait to let that sink in***

That’s why the bible says that the if you hang out with a wise man/woman you will receive THEIR  reward but the friend of a fool will be destroyed.  Harsh much? No that is real life.  Let me ask you something:  Do athletes, singers, musicians train with people with lower or higher skills than them? Higher right?  Why? They increase their level by learning the habits, thought patterns, perspectives…you get my point.  That is why we are all here. We are spending massive amounts of time with Hannel, Og, Mark J and the team in an effort to increase ourselves in a beautiful way.

As always I look forward to hearing from you my family.  Wish me luck today and let me know if you do the nutrition challenge or the Movember challenge.














MKE Week 6: What Do I Want?

She came, she saw, and she recovered.

Just another day at the office. Me as Queen Mother Ramonda from Black Panther and Jonathan as my “son” Prince Ta’Chala.

Happy November everybody.  To my American fam Happy belated Halloween and to my Latino fam, Feliz Dia De Los Muertos(Happy Day of the Dead).   Week 6 was a week of triumph.  I say that because my body was attacked by an upper respiratory infection that affected my ability to talk and move.  At first, I just thought my throat was sore because I yell a lot during my HIIT(High Interval Intensity Training) classes but by last Friday I could barely speak.  Why is that a problem? Currently, I am a fitness trainer and I’m a part of the sales team.  These roles at my gym require me to talk 75% of the time. Last Friday morning I went to a doctor in my neighborhood only to be told that he was out until Tuesday.  Alright then. I thanked the receptionist for their time and in my mind, I said, “Next honey”. My plan was to see the doctor BEFORE work.  So, I went to work armed with honey, lemon, tea bags and cough drops.  I did my best to generate energy I needed to make it through.

***Side note***I don’t know if it’s being an Aries, a white personality or southern bell but I am stubborn as they come and I hate when people pity me.  Empathy, now that, I am cool with. ***side note complete***

I got so many looks of pity that it just fuelled my energy to make it through.  I focused on red(that’s true health for me) and did my best. My gym logo is partly a red oval so it helped. Meanwhile later in the day, I am physically miserable and I told my co-workers my morning story.  My co-worker responded and gave me a suggestion that allowed me to see a medical professional, get antibiotics and get better.  So I finally listened to my body and rested. It took four days and yesterday was my last day of antibiotics. So she is back honey with a vengeance.

What’s interesting is the whole time I was out for the count I was thinking about I need to write I need to read etc, but I was just too weak. I missed this so much. That said let’s talk about Scroll 2.

I love You

Yes. YOU buddy. You reading this blog, I love you because I greet this day and you my friend with love.  This is one of my favorite scrolls in OG’s book because it puts things in perspective for me.  I think one of my favorite paraphrased quotes are:

I love the darkness because it helps me appreciate the beauty of the stars, I love the young for their energy, the old for their wisdom and the rich for they are lonely.

Woah. hold. up.wait.a.minute……that’s POWERFUL. I think both rich and poor get a lot of flack from society because they are both misunderstood, especially the rich. Now the word rich has a lot of connotations right? We could go with financially rich, spiritually rich, physically rich, this cake is rich;)….the list goes on and on. What about as a leader?

I never thought about it, but for me, if you are a leader then you are rich period. Rich in courage, rich in strength, rich in wisdom, aimg_20181021_220424nd rich in vision.  We all know(if you don’t, you do now) being a leader can be and is lonely.  You can not just hang out or bond with anyone and everyone.  That is why chiefs of state are friends with each other because only they understand what the other is going through and so on an so forth.  I love the rich because they are lonely…hmm.  How profound!

We Americans in the United States of America, shout out to my fellow Americans in Canada and Mexico(love you guys and dolls impeccably) are masters of hiding the truth of what is really going on with us. For many reasons that I won’t get into because that is a whole different discussion, however, it is lonely to be a leader yet someone has to do it.

Lights, Camera, Sing!

For years I questioned why am I always the one leading projects? Why? I am the eldest girl of my parents and I am a problem solver. Put it together and there you go. If you all knew what I did on a daily basis you could misconstrue the construct that I love being in the spotlight and it’s just not true.  I love the creative process and being behind the scenes.  However, I also enjoy finding solutions to problems and that will bring you to the limelight ready or not. So that in a large degree I am finding is exactly what happened to me.

2005 Musical Theater Ensemble Troupe in  I am on the left with the delightful afro;). The song, “Coffee Break” from How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

I remember in college I didn’t know how I was going to get what I wanted (which was to be a makeup artist at the time) but I enjoyed learning. So that is what I focused on.  I had earned a scholarship for choir my freshman year and to be honest it was tough. We never did Mozart in high school. We did, “Simple Gifts” you know?  So that one semester I was about ready to quit, Mozart was working my last nerve.  Why did he have to use 16 bars to say one word really!?! (I’m over it now and in the end, I enjoyed doing Mozart’s Requiem. )the new Musical Theater director asked me to join her class.  I told her, ” I  can’t act.  I don’t have a big voice and I don’t know about this.  I can’t even act.”  She cooly responded, “it’s okay, I’ll guide me just join me.” Well, folks, I did.  It was one of the best decisions of my life because it DESTROYED  all shyness for the rest of my life.  You can’t get up on stage and sing “Bali Hai” from South Pacific and be shy.  It just won’t work!!!  I remember being so nervous and my friend James told me, “V.  I’ll go to your island with a wink.”

James was playing the role of the soldier I was trying to convince to go to Bali Hai to marry my daughter.  He was the first guy I sang to EVER. We took the program on tour and my professor used us as a marketing and recruiting tool for the regional high schools.  I later found out one of the regional high school seniors came to our college specifically because of me motivated him to be in the musical theater program.  We sang in local nursing homes and churches.  We loved doing that because of course, we were broke college students who get what?  Free home-cooked food!!!

On opening night the house was packed. I asked my mommy to please not sit in the first row.  Do you know what she did?  She sat in the second row!!! One of the first songs we did was called, “Three Little Maids From School”.  The show starts, I scurry out on stage in my kimono and chopsticks and to my horror, I could hear her laughing and I almost broke character(for those who don’t know breaking character is, it is doing something to destroy the illusion of who you are trying to portray. ie laughing or crying.)!  I pulled myself together and continued with the performance. She didn’t know I could act. Me either. That year we did songs from South Pacific,  Les Miz, Barnum, The Wiz, Guys and Dolls, The Mikado and a few more.

The Law of Giving and Receiving

Here is the thing about that story: how in the world did that lady know I could sing or act?  I never met her until that day she asked me. To this day I still don’t know. The program grew and ran a few years after I graduated from Blinn then it died. It all started with her belief in me that I could lead.

It was a great program that helped me get out of my shell and helped form the big personality I am today.  I gave my talent to that program, and it gave me the tools I need to this day to give creative classes, events etc. I was uncomfortable then being in the lead then in life and in business.    The truth is great leaders are needed right now. In the marketplace, in our communities, and in our politics. I wasn’t ready then but I am ready to lead now. How? The MKMMA process is helping avalanche that cement right off. One day at a time.

What Do You Want?

As I have been reading doing the exercises, reading your comments in the alliance area I am asking myself a very bold question for me.  What do you want girl?  Not to sound all Spice Girls but what do you really want? It’s uncomfortable at first because I have spent my life looking after my sisters, and that habit followed me with other experiences so I never really focused on what I truly wanted. It almost felt like a sin to me to ask that question. How crazy right?

The truth is I want to get paid for doing what I was born to do which is motivate, inspire and educate. I want to be wealthy and be the cause of positive change in the neighborhoods I grew up in. I want to financially educate others and end the cycle of disease and poverty.  As we know from Emerson’s Essay which I really enjoyed, there is always compensation for another. Light for darkness, foolishness for wisdom, beauty for grotesque the list goes on and on. However, as a liberated woman who will not take her freedom of choice lightly or for granted, I choose to be light in the darkness, wise and beautiful. I chose to be proactive and intuitive instead of reactive and dense.  I chose to go for what I want. I chose to give more. I chose to generate more love.

The truth of the matter is every time we make the choice to dim our light for the sake of whatever…it’s selfish. You have no idea whose path you are lighting the way for or trailblazing. Can you imagine what would have happened if Madam CJ Walker, the first African American millionaire entrepreneur in hair care products had not walked the path she did? Nicoli Tesla? Fredrick Douglas? JP Morgan? Your own parents and ancestors? How would have history had changed? More importantly, how will history change if you chose to shine your light or dim it? I encourage you to let your light shine no matter what. People have the choice to wear shades or step up to your level.;)

I always look forward to hearing from you fam.







MKE Week 5: Hmm

Week 5 went by so fast that I am still in mid-blink honey.  The exercises are cool.  The law of giving got a bit hard for me this week just because it was mad busy and I was physically drained.  I think the no opinion challenge #keepyourtrapshut was hard for me ya’ll.  Hard okay?  However when I could….I knocked it out.  Mark was right about catching your self mentally opionfying things that aren’t your business to opinionfy.  Like driving for instance.  You see I noticed that when I say really in my head, I am judging your bad driving skills. So little by little I am learning to be the non-judgemental observer and living by the law of giving and receiving.  I don’t know what it is but I am noticing that it really helps when you smile at people.  At first, they don’t know how to take it but when they learn its come from a place of love.  I literally begin to see then fill up with hope again.  It’s beautiful.  Tell me how you are doing fam.



MKE Week 4: Hannel’s Done It Again Honey!

Battle of the mind

This week clip comes from the movie, “The Matrix”. Our hero Neo(Keanu Reeves aka my boyfriend;) has two choices: run or fight the dangerous enemy.  Neo represents me this week and the guy in the glasses represents my overwhelming feelings.

This weekend I missed the webinar(tears) to go visit my family up north 5 hours away.  I was desperately homesick so I needed just a quick getaway. When I drove back home I didn’t feel well and it got worse as the week progressed. My energy levels were down, I couldn’t focus as well as I would have liked and I am just now recovering writing you all.  Today was the worst because I spent the majority of it nauseated from a migraine headache. If you never had one, keep on keeping on…you don’t want it. I kept looking at the color red(represents true health to me) and stating in my mind you are going to service these people and you are NOT going to throw up.  Got it? It took everything in me not to do it but alas when it was time to go to my workplace the headache persisted and no medicine was working. This was a sign to me I need to stay home and rest. So I did. I am grateful to this course because the truth of the matter it is a struggle sometimes keeping my energy up. I am a very joyful and gregarious person and when I am quite it freaks out the people around me. I am so grateful I am better. So grateful, listen. I despise sickness, disease and everything that could possibly hinder the human body. It is one of the reasons I am a health and wellness professional. So when I do deal with weakness in my body I get so mad! Let’s talk about the index cards shall we?

I’ll take the 13 for $200 Alex


camerazoom-201810182357511241I don’t know about you but I actually throw a mental party for myself when I achieve my service of the week.  I’m talking “Celebrate Good Times C’mon On”!  This week is our Breast Cancer Awareness Fitness concert and I decided I was going to braid my hair with pink braids in support of the survivors and the fallen as my service.  I got it done yesterday and it took me little over 13 hours to do. Now I hear you. 13 hours?! Yes, I understand that but its 13 hours or 500 dollars spent at the salon. I’ll take the 13 hours Alex for $200 please!(In my best Jeopardy voice!) Besides that, it’s worth seeing the members at my gym when they look at my hair and being encouraged that I support them and their loved ones going through this.  No one should fight this alone.  Which beings me to an side note.

Grow a MO and Save A Bro

Omaze merch drilldown 2.jpgNext month is November but there is a movement called “Mo-vember”  from Australia promoting men’s health and health issues.  Now, I understand in the USA June is men’s health month.  I get it but MO-vember focuses on testicular cancer(light blue ribbon), Pancreatic cancer(purple ribbon) and male suicide prevention(orange ribbon).  According to TD Jakes 80% of the sucides in the united states are men. 80%! I decided I am going to support the MoVember Movement this year.  I found out through a sit actually that it hadn’t occurred to me that in my 5 plus years of being a health and wellness pro that I only focused on college students and women. Not men.  Well, honey child that changes this year.

There are three ways to get involved:

1. walk or run 60 miles for the month of November.  It represents that statistic that 60  men every hour in the US lose their lives to suicide.

2 Grow a mustache(I am a woman so that’s not happening.)

3. Donate.  For more info go to

I decided I am going to walk/run/row(I use the row machine at least once a month or so) all of November to hit the 60.  You are welcome to do the challenge with me:).

New Kid on the block;)

Which brings me to the newest index card: The Law of Giving and receiving. Technically it is something I have been doing my whole life in part because my sisters and I were brought up to be “a blessing” to people. Mommy would tell us. ‘ You do not use people “to get” things. You use things “to bless” people.’ So this law goes hand in hand with my upbringing.  I am the type of woman that will pay for your groceries and if I an get away with it make the cashier not say anything.  It’s fun. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sunsets and sunrises. I am the type of person that looks at the colors of pink and purple and green etc woven into the clouds and just become drunk on the vision. ***side note*** if you are EVER  in Texas area, pay attention to the sunset/rises there is nothing like them. So it’s so cool that the the law of Giving and Receiving flows with that.  I just feel like when I say “I can be what I will to be” it makes my hair longer, boobs bigger and muscles stronger.  I just don’t what it is but honey I like it.

Hannel, You have done it again.

powerup-got-the-power.jpgSo lesson 4 makes a lot of sense to me in so many ways.  I am a firm believer in there is always a how behind the why.  I’ll explain. There is a preacher of the gospel who is hilarious in his delivery named Jesse Duplantis.  He said a very thought-provoking statement and it goes like this. “I am always looking for sound of thinking….it’s silent…. I am always looking for  those that think in my ministry…those that win think.” I heard that quote when I was a young adult and I thought,” is that what causes powerful people to be successful?”

Hannel gives me that answer in line 5

The greatest and most marvelous power which this “I” has been given is the power to think…


I said to myself that is where they get their power.  That is the how behind the why. They think. To which I think it’s fabulous because I am learning how to have the confidence to think for myself. Why is this is important? Because in business the people that win are the people that think, observer, act and adjust as needed.  The first step of being a successful one is correct thinking.

So let’s talk about this. To me when we talk about “I” it’s referring to your spirit man. You hear the question are we humans having a spiritual experience? Or are we spirits having a human experience?  I would argue the latter(if I was an arguer). Here is the thing, Hannel talked about the importance of practice to perfection or expert level because you flow out of our subconscious. Yes or yes? This is what makes “excellent” lawyers, chefs, nail techs, teachers etc because of their practice.  My mommy always taught my sisters and I that if it’s not in you, then it WILL NOT flow out of you in the times of trouble.

 She was specifically addressing faith but that concept could be applied to any skill.  If that skill is not in you or flowing out of your subconscious then it will not flow out when you need it.  I’ll give you an example

Person A and Person B are in a burning building. Person B is an ex-firefighter who has had experience of getting out of many burning houses and buildings and Person A is a teacher with no experience or practice at all. Both are in a burning house on opposite sides of the house and CAN NOT get to each other.  Who will survive the house burning? The one with the skill to handle the situation. Hannel states in 6

The trained mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, and any attempt to profit by the weakness, ignorance or necessity of another will inevitably operate to his disadvantage.

The trained mind caught my attention because for me, it’s screaming the word skilled. Skilled in mechanics, fashion, banking etc. The mind that has the skill to handle the situation thrown by life must benefit every person.  So for me, I see that if you are trying to gain by the weaknesses of others IT…WILL…NOT… go well with you. You might get the contract, the money, the power but it will cost a terrible price. Peace.

Let me be clear. I am not against having money at all. In fact, I believe we all should be wealthy to help our communities.  Money is not it is not evil. What money is a tool. Like a magnifying glass, it will expose the person you are when you are in possession of it. I’ll tell you what I am against concerning money. I am against money that is used as a tool for injustice. I am not a fan at all.

Team Olive Tree

Scroll 1 teaches me the very basis of forming a habit. Here is the kicker I have lived as an onion plant. What? Not you Victoria. Oh but yes my friends you see I had to battle YEARS of fear, self-doubt and people pleasing. This is what I need you all to understand in my life’s experience. As a former extremely obese person you have two options to make it in high school/college society. Either you are the bully or the sweety. Both options allow the people you encounter to take their focus off of your weight.  So in choosing to be the sweety it created in me(along with other sources of cement but I’ll take responsibility as well) this pattern of self-doubt and other negative thoughts and emotions that produced onion like tendencies. The truth is I can not be the fabulous sparkling olive tree I want to be with an onion plant mentality. It’s not going to work. So I am grateful that I am learning to catch the smell of those thoughts and throw them away. I declare I am Team Olive Tree. Olive Tree state of mind, Olive tree exploits and Olive Tree Speech.  So that’s all for now folks. I wish you health, vitality, and prosperity in every area of your life. Let me know how you are doing.



MKE Week 3: There Is No Spoon

Good morning MKE Fam,


camerazoom-20180415191738709This week has been full of thrills, plot twist and a constant test of my mental fitness.  I am still doing the exercises as directed.  My chore card goal is completed and I finally, finally picked my songs for the Zumbathon in Pink I am part of.  I am going to do India Arie’s, “I am Not My Hair” which she talks about her own struggle with cancer. It’s a gorgeous song and I can’t wait for them to hear and dance it.

It’s an honor to do these events every year.  Fighting the damage of the aging process and disease is what I love to do.  Regardless of the health goal. From strengthing a client so they don’t break their hip from a fall to a client desiring to run as swift as a cheetah to my client who is a mom and wants the energy to deal with her husband and kids.  I love what I do.

Yet, I realize that balance is key to this thing I call life.  I am an energetic, happy and giving person. However, my inner peace is IMPORTANT to me so if I find you or anyone as a threat to that will get cut off quick. Past patterns right?  I am learning to balance that attitude as well. I was taught to pay attention to patterns of people. Not habits. Patterns. People have a behavioral pattern as we are learning.   They will always show you who they are and what they want IF you listen and observe. You will know what is important or not important to them. So it’s in my best interest not to treat them like a puppy when they are indeed displaying scorpion-like or snake-like tendencies.

As of late, tasks that I used to dread are getting done with excellence, before the due date, and without hesitation. Here is the thing, I am getting more work. ***Sigh*** sometimes it feels like the more competence displayed in your life the more things your superiors give to do.  For example, out of the blue I am doing a TV interview with my co-worker for our gym to promote our community breast cancer event. A coincidence? I think not.

Do The Work

All this week I pair blue with liberty and red with true health.  Every stop light I say,” Ah! True Health!” I look up at the sky and say, “my liberty is boundless as the sky”.  Before I did this course, a falcon or hawk(I live in the southern region of the United States) symbolized financial freedom. Soaring above poverty, limitation or injustice.

It’s funny to me that now the sky or any blue item for that matter represents liberty. Day by day I am morphing into the woman I want to be in life and in business.  I am becoming more vocal, acting quicker on opportunities and becoming more fearless. Every time I read my DMP I feel this surge of energy within me. Who needs coffee when you can read your DMP right? I do, but it does feel amazing.  There is nothing I can not achieve or accomplish. Which brings me to Hannel.

There Is No Spoon

Lesson three is fire too.  They all are, but this one excites me because I am a huge nerd and fitness professional so all things science…. I am here for it.  It was so interesting to me how he explained the anatomical link to the conscious and subconscious. We truly a fabulous creation indeed.  What buttered my biscuits was lines 17 and 18 honey child:

17. It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion. The world is harsh only as we fail to assert ourselves. The criticism of the world is bitter only to those who cannot compel room for their ideas. It is fear of this criticism that causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day.

18. But the man who knows that he has a Solar Plexus will not fear criticism or anything else; he will be too busy radiating courage, confidence, and power; he will anticipate success by his mental attitude; he will pound barriers to pieces, and leap over the chasm of doubt and hesitation which fear places in his path.

This passage reminded me of the Matrix when the little girl told Neo if you KNOW the truth.  There is no spoon. It’s really yourself that bends. So if we know we have our solar plexus in order we will not fear the backlash of being that leader, business person or human being for that purpose.  We will be “bending ourselves” without fear using the law of dual thought and radiating courage, confidence etc.  I just love it. I love it!!! You better speak to me Hannel.

The Take-Away

camerazoom-20180916133712063You can not focus on love and fear at the same.  I find the love and servicing of people spreads like light in my mind giving no room for fear to do what I need to do to accomplish my purpose in life.  I find that failure is not the act of something not working yet the act of not following through with your original mission and giving up.  My mommy taught me to do what you have to do to get the mission accomplished.  Don’t marry plans.  If it does not work, find another way and get it done.  I love a meme I once read on Instagram that said,

“If plan A doesn’t work, then don’t worry there are 25 letters in the alphabet.”

Grieving over the dysfunction of plan a is a dead place.  That is where dreams and hope die.  I zero time for that. As I do these exercises and reads I feel myself transforming like Og says, men/women will not recognize me today I begin a new life and it’s just week 3!

I look forward to hearing from you.









MKE Week 2: You Shall Not Pass.


Can we talk? Let’s talk.

Happy Hump Day ya’ll.  Can we talk?  Let’s talk. At the heart of me….hmm… THAT has been a conversation in my head for a while.  Not the guru-y “who am I?” question but the ‘what do I do to contribute to my sphere of influence?’ question.

How do I do it?  That is the problem.  I do not really know yet.  To be quite honest, I don’t think about that stuff.  I just “DO IT NOW”;).  The only answer I can come up with now is  I am a lover of learning and creativity.  Put that together and you have a fitness professional, artist and fashion designer.  As fitness professionals we are constantly learning new ways to protect, improve and strengthen the body. As artist we are constantly learning how to improve our skill and as fashion designers the research is incredible to create the fusion of influence, color and theme.

Would you like some Ice cream with that cement?

I found that I had a mental block when it came to taking care of myself this week.  What I mean by that is I’ll invest in you– large or small– but I will not invest in myself unless it’s dire.  I have struggled to put myself first my entire life. Now that I am on this journey to be my own boss and make my mark on this planet I find that is a huge piece of cement that has to go down.  Now I am asking myself, ‘how can I grow my businesses if I am uncomfortable investing in myself, my brand and my talent?’ I did not realize it until realized I really needed to purchase a new yoga mat for my classes.  Nothing extravagant, but it was a necessary expense.  I felt so guilt afterwards.  I had no idea I had that type of cement situation going on my head. It is incredible you know? Just when you think you are done renovating the cement boom and new layer is discovered.  I am starting to think I have a Marble Slab(Texas Ice Cream Chain) situation with this cement.  *Sigh* That’s okay it’s only week two. So that said, let’s talk about Hannel and lesson two.


I love this lesson because it talks about watchmen at the gate.  If you are a sci-fi fan like me, then you may be familiar with the Lord of the Rings series of movies.  To me, the watchmen at the gate is just like Gandalf. Any negativity, fear, self-doubt or excess stress(you get the picture) is represented by that flaming enemy in the movie.

(If you haven’t seen it, just type in ‘You shall not pass+ Lord of the Rings Scene to understand this analogy.  As for the rest of you as I was saying…)  Line 18 is fire!!! Hannel(Master Key System) talks about how your subconscious is basically guarded by your conscious mind.  Anytime your conscious mind takes a break it is open or susceptible to any influence both positive and negative.

800px-Healthy_Human_T_CellThis makes sense to me and I’ll tell you why.  Your body is fabulously created by divine intelligence. ( Stay with me here you’ll see the linkage in a minute… back to what I was saying) In your system are what are called T-cells or soldier cells designed to seek and destroy enemy matter that could harm your systems, tissues, etc.  When they are alert and strong, getting sick is VERY HARD.  However, (this is part so pay attention) when you EAT SUGAR it sends your t-cells ” to sleep” for up to 6 hours.  This will leave your immune system weakened and open to any foreign or disease agent during that 6-hour window.

Mind you, that is if you only consume sugary foods once. Your conscious mind is just like those t-cells that have to be alert and on guard to protect the body from foreign/disease agents.  Your conscious mind is the t-cell for the subconscious mind and when it takes a break its open to foreign/diseased influences(fear, self-doubt, take your pick).

I also really enjoyed line 5 that states and I quote:

Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness; playing the piano, skating, operating the typewriter, the skilled trades, depend for their perfect execution on the process of the sub-conscious mind. The marvel of playing a brilliant piece on the piano, while at the same time conducting a vigorous conversation, shows the greatness of our subconscious powers. (Master Key Part 2, Haneel, Line 5)

THE PERFECT EXECUTION ON THE PROCESS of the sub-conscious mind.  So as I am sitting here typing this to you; I’m wondering if that’s why it’s said that if you practice something for 10, 000 + hours you become an expert at it?  Can it be it takes 10,000+ hours for information to submerge into the subconscious?  I don’t know y’all but what I do know  is it’s really fun to ponder on.

That Boy Og

In terms of my thinking patterns, I think we are getting better.  I am catching myself when I have a negative thought or practice the law of dual thought when I am tempted to associate a negative emotion with an experience.  Being an onion plant business owner, writer, or person has not pleased me either.  I’m with Og! I too want to be an olive tree and queen of my craft and industry in my own fabulous way.  There have been times where I even verbally told myself, be an olive tree Ms. Thing.  Now is not the time to harbor onion thinking. Besides it smells.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

The Work

We are asked to read ALOT(I love reading so I am still winning here),  write our DMP/Dharma and a plethora of other things that challenge the mind.  My tasks are getting a bit easier. Way easier than last time but it is still challenging.  Our mission this week is to “be the observer”. We are to look for rectangles, the color blue and actual blue rectangles and associate them with our PPN’s Personal Pivotal Needs.  Mine are True Health and Liberty.

I am recognizing the color blue, rectangles and blue rectangles when I look at the sky, traffic signs, cars you name it …I’m seeing it.  I say to myself out loud ah! True Health and Liberty!  The sits are getting a little bit easier for me it’s just finding the time.  So, I think from now on it will be when I wake up. Little by little I am meeting my tribe members and I am loving it.  We are from different parts of the world, and of my country(USA) as well.  I can’t wait to get to know them.

The Takeaway

I am learning to fall in love with the process. Is it the sexiest thing to do in an age where the focus is only on the product? No. However, if I am not only going to survive this experience but grow, evolve and transform into the woman I desire to be I have to. I will say this. I’m in awe of how much I have grown already from last year to now.  I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Keep digging fam.  It’s worth it.  Let me know how you are doing.



MKE Week 1: She’s back.



Class has started.

It’s day two of the MKE experience and I could not be more thrilled about it. This is my second time participating in this fabulous program and again I am pumped about it for a few reasons.  First and foremost 2017 I would describe as the year of the fall and rise.  We all grow through ups and downs in life and when I found this program I was going through a very difficult time mentally, physically and financially.  This year I feel will be a better time for me because the obstacles that I faced last year are either gone or in the process of being defeated.  Either way, this time is going to be way more amazing than the last time.  I am so excited to see some of my classmates from last year.  This experience not only unlocks the hidden gifts, treasures and sometimes monsters you didn’t know you had but it also restores those broken places you forgot about.]

Lesson 1

Let’s talk about it.  Sentence 3 and 4 messed me up in a sense because it got me to thinking. It states

“3. The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking.

4. This is true because we must “be” before we can “do,” and we can “do” only to the extent which we “are,” and what we “are” depends upon what we “think.”:( Hannel, 1)

The ATTITUDE of the mind hmm.  I never thought of my way of thinking as an attitude but it makes sense.  Ever since I was exposed to reading the bible( I  am a Christian) I read about an ancient King by the name of David.  The thing to me that separated David from his brothers was his way of thinking.  The WAY he viewed Goliath as an opportunity to elevate himself, his family and his nation rather than the biggest opposition his country had ever seen. That mentality caused him to defeat his enemy and elevate himself and his family. So after I learned that principle, I began to pray that God would show me the hidden opportunities inside the oppositions of life.  It has served me well.  It is my hope it does for you too. Back to Hannel, that story is a perfect example of the attitude of the mind.  How we see things direct what we are.


The first scroll actually is one of my favorites because it lays out the blueprint of creating a new habit in such a simple way. I am about to read it for the 2nd time today and then it’s off to work for me.


I wrote my first draft of my DMP last night and it messed me up because it made me think, “what do you really want to happen Victoria?  What do you want?”  While I was writing it I was on the phone with my sister who is my business partner and she told me, “You know what you want.  You just don’t have the words yet.”  I think she is right.  As we fine tweak and modify it hopefully I will find the words.

May this week be filled with excitement and wonder for you MKE fam.