MKE Week 24: Reflections

Thanks for the memories


So what a journey huh fam? This is it. This is the last week to “dig deep” like Shaun T says and go for it.  This is the last week or is it the beginning of a brand new life.  I have always been a fan of finding out the history of the family tree and re-writing history for my branch. Restoring that which was stolen and preventing tragedy when humanly possible. I think this journey has taught me what real success is which is loving on people. It showed me I have an abundance of courage, compassion, and strength. It taught me it is okay to be beautiful and strong at the same time. This song by Micheal McDonald pretty much wraps up how I feel about this course.  Just replace  baby with family, enjoy:


MKE leadership taught me thought and feeling spark together are wired together. Hannel taught me the world within is everything and affects the outside world. Hill taught me the laws of the mind and the importance of “seeing your future you”. Og taught me to do it anyway and MKE tribe taught me that a master alliance is amazing.  There are way to many lessons and phrases to pinpoint but I will say this.  The most impactful for me was paying attention to your intuition and it will grow. Treat it like royalty and it will come often.  Ignore it and it will not.

NPC Battle on the Bay Goals:

So I don’t know if I told you fam, but I told my guide.  I switched my division.  Instead of bikini, I am competing in the fitness division.  It’s the division that really is most like me. I have 3 months exactly to get my body in peak shape and condition it to do 4 movements in a two-minute segment. The following video is of  OKSANA GRISHINA fitness division champ.

She is my inspiration and decided I am going to go with the Rocky theme sense that best describes my MKE journey to me.  My costume is going to have my father’s last name on my shorts as a tribute to him. That said, there ARE NO WORDS to tell you all how much this course has helped me prepare for this competition.  As I sit here and write to you, it’s a bit uncomfortable because of my shoulder training session but it’s all good.  During my training sessions I scramble to look for red(my true health symbol) and then I’m okay. When I am on the torture device..I mean elliptical, I envision myself on the stage killing every movement.  June 22 will be here before I know it but I am in the flow of giving and receiving.  I endure, I persist and ultimately I will win.  Until next time fam.  It has been my honor to go on this hero’s journey with you.  Don’t be a stranger and let me know how you are doing.




MKE 23: Something is happening

I am defenseless! How about you? What is interesting this week is I was brought in this week by my boss to discuss my performance and you know what happened? I didn’t get offended. I practiced defenselessness, responsibility, and acceptance and I have never been so free. Now, do I agree with what they said? It’s not important. What IS IMPORTANT is I am growing into the woman I want to become.

Me before MKE when confronted or questioned:

love and hip hop eye roll GIF by VH1


Me now:

olivia pope scandal GIF

Okay. So not perfect but better. Day by day.  The queen didn’t learn to be the queen in one day, I am not going to master my emotions in 6 months either, but progress is progress right?

I ask myself often, what would the person I intend to become do next? What are you going to do girl?  Especially when it comes to my body building competion. My coach says certain things are off limits.

I have exactly 90 days to get competition ready. 90 blessed days. Lean out, practice my routine to perfection.  It is not easy.  There are days I don’t want to do cardio or prep my meals and that question is lurking in the back of my head. What are YOU GOING to do madam?  What the person you intend to become would do or what your lazy self wants to do hmm?


When I was reading Hannel it really hit me. The law of success really is servicing others.  So that got me thinking? I thought I was serving others but not as much as I know I can. I make decisions quicker and stand by them.  What I have to learn to do is to stop shutting down when I get hurt.In time I learn, I grow and my emotions don’t tell this ship how to sail.  Its been one interesting ride doing this course.  As always I look forward to hear from you fam.



MKE 22A: I Surrender

Here is the thing.  I believe pride is my greatest enemy. I have gotten a lot better at asking for help, now to learn to ask before the entire apocalypse happens we are getting there.  Matthew Hussey once said, ” That is strong to be served”.

Me my first time during MKE:

monday night football help GIF


My Guide:

help me help you assistance GIF


Me now:

help me GIF

I see what that there has to be a level of vulnerability and honesty attached to those moments.  During this course has taught me that being vulnerable is actually a strength.  All new money moves, relationships and ventures are attached to being vulnerable.  That thing that I saw as weakness was the key to the next level. The plan? I surrender every crown of pride, arrogance, know-it-allism and everything else that is weighing me down.  I can’t continue living life with the fear of getting hurt or betrayed.  The days of living my life in park because of fear are over. 

The truth is life is full of surprises, triumphs and hurts. However I feel the sting is not as great when it comes from a place of the observer. It becomes less stressful and less energy when I do that.  In the process of looking over my DMP, listening to my DMP and seeing it in my mind, I  find that I have ….we all have created a release date in our hearts and souls.  The reveal date comes through the work that we do.  There is  a series I have been listening to and it just blessed me so much.  I leave the link to it below.  If you are not of religious ties, it’s cool.  My mom would tell you, “take the baby, and leave the bathwater”. Love you mom.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you fam.



MKE 21 & 22: I am now.

International Women’s Day

P!NK pink p!nk we can do it raise your glass GIF

Shout out to all the women in our MKE family, a very happy and prosperous International women’s day to you!!! Thank you so much for your courage you display on the daily. For the men in your lives, I honor you too for supporting them in their journey of greatness. So let’s get into it. My sits have been in the car and here is what I am finding. The old me used to get very hurt at any critical remark thrown at me. Now I function from a place of defenselessness. That same skill used to spot the shapes, colors, qualities from the BF Makeover I use to look at the situation as the non-judgmental observer. I have to tell you have so much more energy now.

MKE Life Lessons

Wow. Looking back from when we started 22 weeks ago to now…. I have learned to find the energy holes that were draining my soul of my much needed energy I needed to function. I still struggle with focusing (its a ADHD thing) but step by step I am closer to the royal I want to be. I never knew I could be this person, this woman , this mogul in the making. I never knew but I know now.

compass GIF

I don’t know about you all but I put my baby compass in my make up bag. Why? I always using my chapstick and when I see it, it reminds me I am following my bliss, not the clock. The magnifying glass is in my room and that reminds me to focus on my vision. I think I am the first in my family to break the generational curse of falling prey to fear. Fear of faliure, fear of success and fear of being betrayed. The betrayed thing was a big thing for me because I watched so many action movies growing up. It always seemed like the bad guy, wanted to steal from the rich guy. When the rich guy or the rich guy’s guard fought back and got themselves killed. It messed me up. I realized that those movies created secret mind set that has hindered my growth until RIGHT NOW. What I did not realize at the time was my brain connected get rich= get killed (Die Hard, True Lies, Eraser, Terminator etc just to name a few).

So after I figured that out, I got to work and undid some of that stuff in my sits. The reality is we never know when our last day is. However, what I do have control over is how much love I contribute to this planet. The goal is to pour as much love as humanly possible.As always I look forward to hearing from you fam.

i love you pink GIF



MKE Week 20: Feeling Pretty Special

Hello Gorgeous!

Color me Babs;). Happy belated Valentine’s day MKE fam! We survived! Just kidding! I really enjoyed my week this week. I discovered something I have always lived and known but never really acknowledged. Human capital and relationship management are critical assets to your business. As I write this to you, I recall a conversation I had with a member of our gym. He told me of examples of horrible person skills, customer service and loss of business because of the latter.He helped me realize that sometimes the POS(point of sale) isn’t the treasure box. It’s the relationship you have with the client. I just listened to him for about an hour and can I tell you some thing?

I was grieved for the other businesses and incredibly grateful for my team. Its interesting how different perspectives reveal a new level or quality of shine. I realized as well that I am genuinely loved. Not just by the Father—that alone would be enough—I am loved by my team and members. What a gorgeous feeling. This Valentine’s Day taught me that I am full of joy. So much more than happy, I’m joyful about my life.

Oggy, Obituraries and Benji

So this BFM(Ben Franklin Makeover) virture for me was specialized knowledge. I had so much fun just watching people do their thing. It’s everywhere. Even kids have specialized knowledge of living and enjoying life. When I started reading the obituaries and immediately reading Og after….I felt almost a guilty feeling of being ungrateful then almost like a gieser bubbling up on the inside of me of gratefulness. When I asked the questions all this week I found myself being kinder to people.

Valentine’s Day Set Up

So last night a gave away suckers and cards to members and coworkers. One of my members I lovingly nicked named my gym novio(means boyfriend in Spanish) gave him a sucker, card and protien bar for Valentine’s. When I gave him the candy card, he said, ” Thank you! Nobody got me anything for Valentine’s day. “When I gave him the bar, guys he lit up like the brightest star. He said, “this is my favorite bar! How did you know?” I smiled and replied “I didn’t”. Then what turned into a help me interrupt what this guy is saying, ended up being a night of healing. I spoke life into this young man that was healing from a break up. Then we made a member laugh for good 20 minutes only to find out he was having a tough day. I felt so good y’all! Never under estimate your smile, your RAK(Randmon Acts of Kindness),your wisdom, impact or your presence. They may not ever tell you but fam you are touching lives. As always, I look forward to seeing you.