Week 24: The Genisis

It's not goodbye it's more like seeing you later right?  This adventure, training, school and I am out of metaphors that we have the experience we all have encountered has been such an amazing journey.  To all of those who were my MKE partners, I thank you so much for accepting me for who I... Continue Reading →


Week 23: New Birth

I  am not going to tell you that all problems are fixed, in fact new ones have arrived as I started this journey in October.  Is that not what happens when you level up?  What I will tell you is that now I have the confidence that I know I will figure it out.  This course has... Continue Reading →

Week 22A: So Grateful

Life can be wonderful or life can be tough.  So which is it? Tough or wonderful?  Depends on how you see it.  I have been really being feeling so grateful lately.  Grateful for the opportunities I have been given, the people I have met here, the growth of my classes, the experiencing of my DMP... Continue Reading →

Week 22: Say Whaa?

That Boy Benji First things first. My makeover word of the week was persistence.   I like to think of myself as pretty persistent well sort of. The areas that I am strong in.  When it comes to the areas that I am actually trying to develop the case was more than dire. The Webbie That... Continue Reading →

Week 21: The Lone Wolf & The Cocoon

  Mind Maps Dating coach, Matt Boggs said, "men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti. In fact, it's a book by Bill and Pam Farrel." What it means is that men compartmentalize everything mentally like the squares of a waffle and like spaghetti, everything is interconnected in the thinking patterns of women. What... Continue Reading →

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